English for Kids. Multimedia Software


English for Kids. Multimedia Software

The given e-manual is designed for children of kindergarten and pupils of primary schools. The manual consists of 4 units. The first unit explains simple grammar structures and everyday expressions through pictures and narrations. The second part of the manual comprises various tongue twisters, rhymes, interactive games and songs. The third part of the manual is called “CLICK” and here you can learn English with the help of picture stories narrated in English by clicking necessary icons. The manual also consists of the picture dictionary where one can find simple, every day expressions in a fun way.

For more details contact: Gulistan State University, Department of Foreign Languages,

Address: 4 Mavze, Gulistan, 120100, Syrdarya region, Uzbeksistan

Tel: +998941623535

E-mail: abdushohid1985@mail.ru

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